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Stolle is a well-known international brand with a successful history, which came to Belarus from St. Petersburg, where the founder of the company was born. The name Stolle comes from the surname of the founder's grandmother and echoes the name of the traditional German Christmas cake Stollen. It is believed that absolutely everyone loves natural and tasty Stolle pies: families, youth, young couples, as well as the older generation come here.


Today the Stolle chain is represented in Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Moscow Region, Voronezh, Krasnoyarsk, Rostov-on-Don), in the UK (London), in Ukraine (Kiev), in the USA (New York) and in Belarus (Minsk). In Minsk, there are 12 cafes that are located in the best places of the city — not far from the metro and in shopping centers.

The Stolle format consists of 12 cafes, 2 of which are restaurants with cakes and dishes of Belarusian cuisine located on 53 Nezavisimosti Avenue and 23 Rakovskaya Street. The remaining 9 cafes offer each guest to buy a takeaway pie as well as taste it on the spot. In the cafe you will find a large selection of coffee and tea drinks, milkshakes, soft drinks, sweet confectionery (cakes, meringues).


All the Stolle cafes are decorated in the style of a Russian manor at the beginning of the twentieth century — these are calm tones of natural shades.

Some cafes have a summer terrace: 53 Nezavisimosti Avenue, 23 Internatsionalnaya Street, 8 Karl Marx Street, 38 Nezavisimosti Avenue.


The unique feature of the Stolle pies is, first of all, that the pies are baked manually according to old secret recipes, which is why it is impossible to repeat the Stolle pie at home. Each cake simmers in the oven for two to six hours. There are always many toppings in pies, and the recipe for the dough is the property of Stolle. Each confectioner and baker at Stolle is carefully selected. Moreover, Stolle pies are always fresh: there is no concept of ‘yesterday’s pie’, only fresh and straight from the oven!

The huge assortment of pies — both sweet and nutritious — uses completely natural ingredients — from dough to filling: no preservatives, thickeners or additives. In meat pies — rabbit, beef and poultry from the best farms. In sweet cakes — filling from berries and fruits exclusively from Belarusian farmers (except for kiwi pie).

The most popular and branded pies unchanged in Stolle all over the world are a pie with a rabbit, with salmon, a meat pie, a pie with potatoes and Dor Blue cheese, a chicken pot, a pie with cottage cheese, with cherries, with garden berries.

Lunch menu and organizational opportunities

You can come to Stolle for lunch at the cafes on 53 Nezavisimosti Avenue and 23 Rakovskaya Street. Belarusian dishes are served here.

On 53 Nezavisimosti Avenue there is a separate banquet hall, you can also organize a banquet, wedding or birthday in the main halls. On 23 Rakovskaya street you can rent the entire second floor.

Stolle: ‘Bake with warmth and love!’

I stopped today in Stoll with a reservation. Served clearly and quickly. Very nice and friendly seller. I’ll appeal again, thanks!
Today I stopped in Stolle, placed an order for delivery and bought a try Stollet rum. I didn’t eat anything tastier! It's just some kind of madness! Soft, soaked in syrup, with candied fruit, just melts in your mouth! I rarely praise pastries, but I just can't resist it! Divine!
Today I decided to spend my lunch in a cozy Stolle restaurant, since I work nearby and this restaurant is within walking distance. I was pleasantly surprised. The cake was very tasty and fresh, as they say in the heat of the heat! The dough is moderately sweet, which emphasizes the taste of the filling. Delicious! The institution itself is cozy, there are tables, you can sit in a cafe with a cup of coffee or tea with your favorite cake. I was pleased with everyone! I’ll come more often.
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